4 Top Benefits to Learning SharePoint Online

Businesses are always looking for tools that can help their company become more productive. SharePoint Online is an in-demand software with plenty of reasons to learn it. Here are 4 basic ones for you: 

1. You’ll know a skill that will continue to be popular for a long time

SharePoint Online usage is increasing as millions of people around the world are using it each day. According to Microsoft, Office 365 consumer subscribers has increased to 30.6 million people. Just three months prior, there were 29.2 million people using it. That’s a 1.4 million person increase! Many Office 365 subscriptions include access to SharePoint Online.

As each year goes by, more people will be using SharePoint Online. It’s definitely not going anywhere. You won’t want to be left behind.

2. You’ll improve your chances of getting hired

As more organizations are using SharePoint Online, there is a need for their employees to use it well. Training can be expensive for organizations, and turn-over can combat efforts to hold on to their investing in an employee’s talents.

With that in mind, businesses prefer to hire someone who already has the skill they’ll need in the role, instead of taking a risk of spending money with the possibility that the new employee may not have the desire or aptitude in the end. It’s the classic tale of “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”. Your potential new employer will choose you over someone similar to you but without SharePoint Online knowledge.

3. You’ll open up future career growth

Future potential growth is important to be aware of when learning a new skill. With SharePoint Online, there are quite a few roles that you could be in that are both indirectly related to SharePoint Online, as well as directly related.

You could work as an administrative assistant, organizing files and sharing data within the company. Another option is to further your SharePoint Online learning to become a “Power User”, which is someone who has a more advanced, strong knowledge of SharePoint Online.

As a power user, you would develop different ways a company could use SharePoint Online so as to improve productivity. You would also be able to train others on using SharePoint if the need arises. Being a power user would make you a much more valuable asset to any organization using SharePoint Online.

4. You’ll learn a useful skill quickly and pain-free

Learning a new skill on your own can be a frustrating journey. Figuring out how to accomplish certain tasks and piecing things together can take longer than you’d like.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today in learning SharePoint Online!